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ProBrew | 'Gansett Case Study 

In February of 2023, ProBrew hired the BYB team to help develop the concept for, and completely produce this short case study film. The video tells the story of Narragansett Brewing and how ProBrew's involvement has helped the continued growth and resurgence of this 100-year-old brand. 

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What We Did

In this project, BYB delivered a creative concept deck that outlined the ideal story, planned for interviews with 'Gansett and ProBrew representatives that would allow for the desired story to be told authentically, staffed a production day, filmed for 10 hours, edited for many more, and delivered a case study video that ProBrew uses to attract countless clients from around the United States. 

Evan Rusch, ProBrew Marketing Manager

"The team at BYB Pictures was fantastic to work with. Our organization used the team for pre-production, filming, and post-production services and could not be happier with the results. Compared to other video production companies I have used in my career, BYB Pictures was better at communicating, more flexible about adding additional shots during filming, were more proactive at finding amazing film shots not noticed/discussed before filming day, and delivered a final asset that exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend their service."
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