ABOUT BYB Pictures

Founded in 2016, BYB stands for the first initial of each of our last names. Having been friends for the last 14 years of our lives we decided to go into business together the summer after our freshman years of college. We now operate full time out of our office in Providence and have experience in many aspects of media production. 



Mark Bucknam

Mark's role at BYB is one of many hats. His desire to emerge himself in each part of every project allows him to find stories and meaning in anything. Being involved in every step of the process (leading conversations with our clients, crafting concepts for each project, conducting interviews, directing and producing shoots, and finishing the review process in post) allows Mark to be an advocate for our clients, and our creativity all at once. As our head of communication Mark handles each of our client accounts as well as our own marketing for BYB.


Howard Yang

With a camera in his hand Howard just looks comfortable. As our DoP Howard is always thinking about how he can capture footage in more creative and effective ways, and as director of post-production he's able to manipulate footage, text, color, and audio all to piece together the best story possible. As a founding partner of BYB his thoughtfulness has helped guide many decisions.


Bruce Bendheim

Bruce handles everything that our clients never see and some things that they do. A talented photographer, producer, and audio technician on set, Bruce also manages the financial and operational responsibilities for BYB. His logical thinking, persistent problem solving, organization and focus makes him excel in each of these roles.

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