The Things We Do

This is a series of passion projects for us. Not only our passion, but those of some people who we’re close to. We have so many friends that are talented and invested in so many unique things that we wanted to use our abilities to showcase their passions. 


Each of these videos were able to be accomplished in one day of shooting, and the best part about each day was getting to experience something that each of these people are passionate about with them.

Connor The Welder

Metal isn't a thing that's meant to be manipulated, but art is all about manipulation. We were lucky enough to join metal artist and sculptor Connor J Pirruccello-Mcclellan in his studio to hear about how he got started and what keeps him going.

Casey the Artist

Casey's passion for art and design has blossomed since high school and now she's looking forward to beginning her career. Check out some of her awesome work on her website ( 

Jash the Barber

To Jashua Martinez, being a barber is more than just about cutting hair. It's an outlet, a passion, and a career.

Gus the Pianist

Gus is a great baseball player, but that's just one dimension. He's also a classically trained pianist, and this episode of The Things We Do allowed us to learn more about how both of these aspects of his life come together to make him the man he is.

Sarah the Climber

Sarah's love for climbing extends beyond just competing, it's training, coaching, and living the climbing lifestyle.