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Yale_ Maile Somera

Testimonial Video

One of our favorite things to do as a company is this: to help someone tell their story better than they could have without us. Testimonial style storytelling allows us to use our subject's own voice to authentically craft an engaging story. Get in touch with our director here. 


Athlete Profile Testimonial: 
Maile Somera

Our team at BYB handled all elements of creating this short film, sourcing the athlete and location, as well as handling pre-interview and story development, interview, production, and post-production with coloring and audio mixing. 


Motocross Short Film: Daigle Racing

How do you react when all of a sudden it doesn't make sense to keep chasing your old dreams? Steven Daigle adapted. After injuries and life circumstances forced him to stop racing motocross, he founded Daigle Racing, an engine, suspension, and trackside support mechanic business to be able to stay involved in the sport he loves. The BYB production team fully produced this short in Connecticut during the Fall of 2021.

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