This case study shares examples of a variety of social media content that BYB Pictures has come up with the creative concepts for and executed. Whether it be video content for social media ads, or organic social media post content creation, we're equipped to handle it.

In the winter of 2020 canned cocktail brand 'Merican Mule released a limited edition drink; the Fire Mule. We were brought in to come up with the creative concepts for short clips to be used as promoted social ads, as well as in a 10 second release video. After creating the concepts, we executed the vision through night time production and then colored each file to make sure the can, flames, and overall identity of the Fire Mule shone bright. 

The following examples are videos that were created as part of the #30DayCreativityChallenge and represent a variety of BYB Pictures ability to creatively come up with concepts for social content and execute the complete production of these pieces of content.