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ProBrew // Narragansett Case Study Video

Telling the story of a century old brand combined with a high tech equipment provider presented a variety of challenges. Our team seamlessly combined the history of Narragansett with the modernized process and eye towards progress that ProBrew is allowing them to have.

The team at BYB Pictures was fantastic to work with. Our organization used the team for pre-production, filming, and post-production services and could not be happier with the results. Compared to other video production companies I have used in my career, BYB Pictures was better at communicating, more flexible about adding additional shots during filming, were more proactive at finding amazing film shots not noticed/discussed before filming day, and delivered a final asset that exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend their service.

Evan Rusch, Marketing Manager

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How We Partnered

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ProBrew approached us to create a video case study that highlighted not only their involvement in helping the Narragansett brewery flagship location, but also told the brand story of Narragansett Brewing. We developed this concept and planned for production along with their marketing team.


In one full production day, b-roll was captured of necessary equipment, team members, tasks around the brewery, as well as archival imagery to tell this story. The BYB team conducted interviews with 'Ganssett brewers and ProBrew's marketing manager to help them best tell this story in their own voices. 


BYB Pictures delivered social media assets to be used as part of promotion for the release of this case study video, as well as the primary deliverable. Our team handled all components of post-production on this project, including the finishing and delivery process, color grading, and audio mixing.

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This project was driven by New England ideology, in the words of Narragansett Brewer, Lee Lord, "You know New England, we’re known as being salty and funny and hard-working, and you know, we don’t shy away from the cold."

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