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BYB Pictures DP Howard Yang filming Daigle Racing brand video

We'll help tell your story.

Testimonial style storytelling is our specialty. Whether it be brand identity videos, client or partner success stories, or traditional testimonial videos, our team is ready to help. 

Liza Cohen

Director of Communications

Dana Hall School

“The team from BYB is talented, professional, and easy to work with. Their process is very collaborative, and they have embraced various video projects for our school with a fresh perspective, great energy, flexibility and a thoughtful approach. I'd recommend them to any organization looking for strong visual storytellers."

Interview Video Packages

Every story is unique, and our goal is to help our subject tell their story better than they could have without us. 

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The Process



1-2 Weeks

Work together to develop the goal and outcomes of the video so the production day can be executed with purpose and efficiency

  • Discovery Call

  • Scope of Work 

  • Scheduling



1-2 Days

Efficiently and effectively capture all interview and b-roll footage necessary to create a video that will achieve the outlined goals

  • 15-30 Minute interview

  • On Location B-roll



2-4 Weeks

Using the interview and b-roll footage, brand assets, and music to create your final project that achieves your goals.

  • Up to 3 Rounds of Revision

  • Online File Delivery


Brand Identity Package

Who you are, what you do, why, and how you do it.

Effectively communicating your brand identity and principles in an authentic and engaging way through video is what we'll help you do.

Example: Community Rowing Inc.

Project Cost: 


  • Discovery and Pre-Production

  • Goals Defined

  • 1 Shoot Day

  • 1-2 Interviews

  • Comprehensive B-Roll

  • 3 Rounds of Revisions

  • 2-3 Minute Final Video


Testimonial Packages

Client, customer, or partner, traditional testimonial, or case study, our goal is to create testimonial style interview driven videos that authentically highlight your successes.


1 Customer Testimonial Video


Project Overview

  • Discovery and Pre-Production

  • Goals Defined

  • 1/2 Day Shoot

  • 15-30 min Interview

  • Comprehensive B-Roll

  • 2 Rounds of Revisions

  • 2-3 Minute Final Video


2 Customer Testimonial Videos



3 Customer Testimonial Videos


Example: Daigle Racing

Lets Work Together!

Send an email right to our director, Mark. 

Thanks for submitting!

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