Behind the BYB: High Limb Cider - case study on our  social media video campaign.

This month we’re sharing with you a case study from one of our recently completed projects. High Limb Cider is a hard cider brand based in Massachusetts that came to us to help in all steps of the process for their first video marketing campaign.

For this campaign, we developed multiple creative concepts and pitched them to the marketing team at HLC before working together to decide which group would be produced. We then managed the pre-production planning of how best to execute the concepts, as well as writing the voiceover and casting the talent. In one well planned production day we were able to capture the footage needed to execute the 14 deliverables requested. In post production we edited a variety of different formats to fit placement across platforms. The campaign hasn’t gone live yet, but when it does we’re excited to see how it performs.

Brand Identity Video

This is the accompanying 4:5 format shortened version of the brand identity video. 

This format works best for a variety of placements across different social channels and forces us to think creatively to create it.

Light Product Video

This 4:5 video is part of the light product launch for 2021. It's a different look at the product and will serve  a variety of different goals that High Limb has for this campaign.