Behind the BYB: 30 Day Creativity Challenge

March 2021


We decided to give ourselves a challenge this past month (well, starting January 14th). For the last 6 weeks, we decided that each business day we would post a video to our 4 social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and embarrassingly enough, Tik Tok). We would spend the majority of the normal workday servicing our clients, growing our business in the typical ways, and then late in the afternoons we would stop. We'd check out a document we'd made with some different restrictions and randomly pick one, we would then develop an idea and execute it (complying with the selected restriction) that evening to be posted the next work day. 

The goals that we decided on before setting off on this challenge were simple: Is the video we're making that day something that could potentially be applicable to a client in the future? And are we learning something/trying something new by making this video? Each of the 5 selected videos below speaks directly to one or both of these goals, and I hope you enjoy watching them and reading a little about each! 

Check out the other 25 as well if you want to, where we explored other techniques and capabilities like stop motion, macro only, and underwater lighting! Check out the Facebook playlist Here!

The Michelob Hard Selzter spec ad. This was the very first video we did for this challenge, and man did it challenge us. We decided to try and replicate one of the real Michelob ads as closely as we could - with one big difference. We'd do it with no budget, and in our kitchen at home. Without studio lighting, and missing some of the necessary equipment, we made do the best we could. Our one evening shoot and edit came out really well, and we see many possible uses of the techniques we explored in this video for other future social media video ad clients. 

L.L. Bean. What a cool company. This is the type of lifestyle ad that we love to make, but haven't had a ton of opportunity to just take a product and go exploring with it. The challenge for this day was to come up with a concept that would include birds, and somehow during that day we were treated to a fly-by from a family of Bald Eagles. We see a ton of potential uses for an ad like this from different companies advertising through lifestyle videos. Just imagine it with a real model and not our very own producer, Bruce. 

For our Pelican spec ad we experimented with green screen for the first time. That's right, somehow we've made it this far without ever having to use a green screen - but we decided it was time to experiment and learn. We took a product and made it float, we then wrote copy and decided to go as flashy as possible with on-screen titles. We see tons of potential social media applications for this style of video, and now are prepared to create them when the opportunity arises. 

Money. Who doesn't love money. This year on President's day we wanted to explore the figures who's faces grace our currency and we landed on creating a video that would share 5 fun facts about money. We explored the top down explainer video technique for this one, and again see many possible applications for potential clients. To pull this off in one day, we explored different facts and picked the ones that piqued our interest, setup a mini studio, wrote a voiceover, sketched/sourced our own props, filmed, edited and mixed the video. This one is a touch longer than the others but I hope you enjoy it!

Golf in the snow? What a spectacle. Apart from being visually shocking on its own, golfing in the snow allowed us to mimic a style that we'd seen in a social ad made for Bose. This ad mixes photos and video clips into the final video project, and explores the different ways to style an ad. Again, imagine what's possible when working with an actual golf athlete and not our Creative Director, Mark. This lifestyle type of social video can work well in a variety of ways, and with a variety of products, showing off our ability to creatively combine photos into a video is something that we really enjoyed working on.