Behind the BYB: Intern at BYB. Stock footage library and Real Estate market entry. 

During the month of May the BYB team grew by 1 member. A student from Rocky Hill School, Alex, joined us for the month to complete his senior project internship. This was a fun challenge for us, as we needed to find ways to educate him on our work and this industry while also making sure that the time he spent would be time well spent and actually help progress our business. This takes us to the two projects that we leaned on him to get going. 

Stock footage and licensing is something that was an early in for us with a couple of agencies, but we'd never spent the time to develop a focused online digital catalogue of stock footage on existing stock marketplaces. We worked with Alex to go through the pre-production process of researching what websites were performing well, and what topics we could film for, the production process and actually collecting the footage, and the post-production process of editing, coloring, and exporting the clips. We then uploaded and had Alex go through and tag each video with the appropriate key words and actually create the listings for our stock database on each marketplace. 

In addition to creating this stock library, we also worked with Alex to create a spec real estate video. Something that we haven't done much of in the past but know there's opportunity in that market. We staged the home and filmed this home walk through video before sending it out to agents and companies around Rhode Island, we have our first real estate client this upcoming Monday after sending them the spec-ad. 

Real Estate Spec Video

The following are examples of stock clips that are uploaded and for sale from different stock footage marketplaces.