Impact Bouldering Competition Documentary

Director: Mark Bucknam

Co-Producers: Bruce Bendheim, Mark Bucknam, Nick Medvescek
DoP: Howard Yang, Bruce Bendheim

Editor/Sound Design: Howard Yang

Talent: Sarah Bucknam, Sydney McNair, Bea Evans, Foxman McCarthy-James, Sarah Filler, Coco Baril, Jenna St. Germain, Tonya Bamboe

The Impact 2020 Bouldering Competition. Brooklyn Boulders Sommerville’s largest selling climbing competition ever. This event is important not only because of the sheer volume of competitors, but because it’s existence is solely based off of giving women in climbing equal opportunities. 


We were brought on to film a behind the scenes short documentary highlighting the all-female route-setting team that was responsible for setting the competition, in addition to creating an event sizzle video to recap it’s success and keep attendees excited for future events at this location. 


Filming throughout the week leading up to the event and a culminating 17 hour work-day capturing the event itself, we were able to capture all the materials we’d need to create these deliverables. The full documentary was privately screened for members of the BKB community to great reviews. The event was able to raise money to distribute among the setters involved and charities of their choosing. Check out the event video and private screening teaser below!