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A Full Service Video Production Company


Let's Make Something Great!

Founded in 2016, BYB Pictures specializes in creating testimonial-style video content. Our nimble and flexible team has produced projects all over the country for brands big and small, with budgets big and small, and timelines long or tight. Send us a message to explore how we can partner with you.

Mountain Ridge
“The team from BYB is talented, professional, and easy to work with. Their process is very collaborative, and they have embraced various video projects for our school with a fresh perspective, great energy, flexibility and a thoughtful approach. I'd recommend them to any organization looking for strong visual storytellers."

Liza Cohen, Director of Communications

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Education Video Production
Testimonial Style Videos
Episodic Content 
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DP with film camera filming a surfer at the beach

Some Brands We've Worked With

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