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Eat Play Stay: Boston

Client: Very Local - Hearst Television

Director: Mark Bucknam

Co-Producers: Bruce Bendheim, Mark Bucknam
DoP: Howard Yang, Bruce Bendheim

Editor/Sound Design: Howard Yang

Over 200 interviews. 48 locations. 6 cities in 4 states. Resulting in 132 minutes of total finished content that makes up "Eat Play Stay: Boston".


This was the first long form episodic show that BYB has ever produced. Lots of credit is due to the team from Hearst, Laura Ling, Sylvie Flanagan, and Shea Carpenter who all worked on the series from the corporate end. The BYB team was responsible for pitching each location in terms of what city we'd be traveling to, and also each location in terms of which businesses or activities would be highlighted in each region and episode. 

BYB then planned out the flow and structure of each episode, and traveled for two production days in each location, where interviews and b-roll would be filmed to capture the essence of the town or business. 

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