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5 Years of BYB Reel | Short Film

The short version of the BYB story goes like this: Bruce, Howard, and Mark all met at Moses Brown School in elementary and middle school, where they became friends. When the trio got older, they'd often spend time filming their friend group’s adventures. After splitting up and going to different colleges up and down the East coast, BYB Pictures was started as a summer job, and in 2017 the company did our first commercial work.

In the 5 years since, BYB has been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of clients, learn from a wide variety of mentors, and move out of Howard’s family's basement. This 2022 demo reel is also our 5 year anniversary video, so thank you to each of you that have worked with us, offered a piece of advice, or even just watched our work as we’ve learned and found our spot in this creative industry.

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