AVP Uncovered: Best of the Beach

Talent: Jake Gibb, Kristen Nuss, Taryn Kloth, Zana Muno

Director: Mark Bucknam

Co-Producers: Bruce Bendheim, Mark Bucknam
DoP: Howard Yang, Bruce Bendheim

Editor/Sound Design: Howard Yang

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"AVP Uncovered: Best of the Beach" is a documentary series that uncovers what life is really like for 4 different athletes competing and traveling on the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tour. This 5 episode limited series provides unprecedented behind the scenes access to the home and personal life, training, travel, and competition for these 4 athletes throughout this season to pull back the curtain for sports fans on what life is really like for the best volleyball players on the beach.


[SYNOPSIS - spoilers ahead]

The first episode provides insight into each athlete’s background in the sport as well as their current goals for the 2021 season. As the 2021 AVP Gold Series kicks off in Atlanta, we witness Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss’s dream run from the qualifier all the way to the championship as they become one of the only teams to ever win their first event. At the legendary Manhattan Beach Open, 4x Olympian Jake Gibb competes in his home event for the last time in his 21 year career and overcomes disappointing results in his emotional final moments on tour. At the Chicago Tour Finale, rising star of the sport, Zana Muno fights her way to a career best result with a brand new partner.



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