Committed: Surfing the Northeast

Project: Committed: Surfing the Northeast

Talent: Shane Hunt, Esme Zediker

Director: Mark Bucknam

Co-Producers: Bruce Bendheim, Mark Bucknam
DoP: Howard Yang, Bruce Bendheim

Editor/Sound Design: Howard Yang

This short film is BYB Pictures' first entry into the Surf Documentary genre. We created this film over the course of 2020 and 2021 and really enjoyed spending time with Shane and developing a documentary that uses his story as the vehicle to tell a larger story about surfing in the Northeast. 

Our team at BYB handled all elements of creating this short film, writing the story outline, deciding on a format for the film, style, production planning, filming all footage including aerial and underwater, as well as conducting multiple interviews in multiple locations and turning it all into this one finished product. 

BYB Pictures also wrote up a press release and is actively searching for more distribution channels to share this short film.