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Testimonial Style Case Study Videos.

The BYB Team has worked seamlessly with nonprofits, small businesses, large businesses, advertising and public relations agencies on campaigns big and small - what can we do for you?

Authentic, Engaging 
Video Content.

"The team at BYB Pictures was fantastic to work with. Our organization used the team for pre-production, filming, and post-production services and could not be happier with the results. Compared to other video production companies I have used in my career, BYB Pictures was better at communicating, more flexible about adding additional shots during filming, were more proactive at finding amazing film shots not noticed/discussed before filming day, and delivered a final asset that exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend their service."

Evan Rusch
Marketing Manager, TechniBlend / ProBrew

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Previous Projects


Flat Iron Works

Contracted by CT based agency Flatiron Works to film and produce testimonial style videos for a regional credit union. At an outdoor location, our team managed the production setup for multiple interviews over multiple days. 


Fortune Digital

Producers from Fortune hired the BYB team to produce segments of a long form show highlighting the Cambridge area as a top choice for families. BYB filmed b-roll and interviews with multiple subjects in and around the Boston area. 


TechniBlend / ProBrew

ProBrew by TechniBlend has hired the BYB team to concept, produce, edit, and deliver two case study success story videos. In each project, BYB has filmed on location with brewery spokespeople to share their stories and how ProBrew's involvement has impacted their growth.

How We'll Work Together 


Discory Phase.


Collaboration and Concept Development


Efficient (and fun) production time.


Customized post-production period.


Delivery. Your ideal final proejct, as needed. 

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