2021 Anthem Video: BYB Demo Reel

Director: Mark Bucknam

Co-Producers: Bruce Bendheim, Mark Bucknam
DoP: Howard Yang, Bruce Bendheim

Editor/Sound Design: Howard Yang

VO Talent: Meg Schimelpfineg

2020, what a year. This demo reel allowed us to reflect on one of the most unique years ever (and our first full year in business) by looking back on each of the projects we were able to work on.  We pulled visual selects as well as moments of interview and tied them together with a voiceover story written by Mark and read by local actress Meg Schimelpfineg. 

This 2 minute reel allows us to show off everything that we do here, the variety of work we're able to capture as well as the variety of services we're able to provide, from pre-production ideation and concept development, interviews and actual production, and post services like editing, coloring, and audio mixing, we did it all for this project.