Behind the BYB: Short Film, Committed: Surfing the Northeast

In this April edition of Behind the BYB we're sharing with you our newest passion project, our first one of 2021. This short documentary film, "Committed: Surfing the Northeast", takes a look at one surfers' journey from growing up in a surfing hotbed of San Clemente California, to moving to the Northeast, and how he's managed to surf the whole time. It's a fun exploration into documentary filmmaking technique for us, telling one story with what's visually on screen and one with what he's talking about from our interview content with him. 


This film also represents our first time using underwater housing to film. We think a short film like this has a variety of potential client work applications. First, adding the ability to film underwater with quality cameras. And second, the ability to create branded films in a similar style to this. We're thrilled with how this project turned out and hope you enjoy watching it and hearing Shane's story. 

As part of the distribution for this film, we wrote a press release and are seeking more channels of distribution for this film than our own social media platforms. We've just received word this morning that the film will be published on the SurferToday online channels along with the story we've provided! 

You can check out the press release here: