About the
BYB Pictures team.

BYB / Founders

The BYB story is a fun one. After being heated rivals in a 4th grade recess football game, Mark and Bruce decided to put their differences aside and become inseparable friends all through lower, middle, and high school. When Howard joined in on the fun in 7th grade the trio was set. 

All through high school they'd make videos together on fun trips with friends and document some typically rowdy high school behavior. 

After splitting up for college, the BYB founders decided in 2016 that their hobby of making videos would make a worthwhile career path and BYB Pictures was born. Since then, they've worked with some great brands and even greater people, and really are just getting started. 

BYB Team

Some brands that have trusted us. 

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Mark Walking

Mark / Director + Producer

Mark is our director and producer. In the time that BYB Pictures has been in business Mark's directed countless commercial productions and multiple short films. With recent surf film "Committed: Surfing the Northeast" being selected to stream at the International film circuit "Cine-Mar Movie Night" in Germany. 

In addition to directing and producing our projects, Mark is our creative director and copywriter, as well as managing our client communication and account management. By having a hand in every step of the process he's able to be an advocate for both our brand and our clients, as well as the story that's being told. 

Bruce / Producer + COO

Bruce is a fixer, always has been always will be. He's the go to guy on the BYB team when something needs to happen and there's nowhere else to turn. As our producer, assistant camera operator, and general audio/light/grip guy, he's had his hands in some pretty cool projects. From running DIT on deck of a moving sailboat, to filming underwater surfing in freezing water or skiing double black diamonds, he's the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of production. 

Behind the scenes and in the office Bruce handles all of our accounts and finances, as well as general operation duties. So if you're soliciting us for a new payroll service he's the guy you're going to want to email (although unless it's a really good deal I wouldn't waste your time). As a man of logic he makes sure BYB is taking steps towards a better future for ourselves and our clients with each and every project we take on. 

Swaggy Howard

Howard / DoP + Editor

Howard just looks comfortable with a camera in his hands or a keyboard at his fingertips. Having grown up with two busy parents, he found ways to entertain himself by tinkering with technology until he knew it inside and out. As our Director of Photography and Primary Editor he's able to use his skills to creatively craft the stories and communications that we're working on for our clients. 

The work that Howard's DP'd or edited has been seen around the world, and we know it's only the beginning. Having filmed festival selected shorts and edited national TV commercials, the sky is the limit for our focused and driven DP and editor.